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Welcome to Prime Home USA

This website is facilitated for our customers for use and the purchase of products, subject to the terms and conditions below. Therefore, by using our website and its content in any manner or by purchasing our products, you unconditionally agree to follow our Terms of Use.

The following terms and conditions denote the rights, obligations, limitations, and exclusions of the customers/users of the Prime Home USA website. Throughout this document, Prime Home USA is referred to as “we” or “us” if not specified by the name itself. The customer/user is referred to as “you” throughout the document if not specified as “customer” or “user.”

Privacy Policy

Prime Home USA is committed to protecting your privacy and keeping you informed of how we store and utilize your data and information gathered from the site. Please refer to our privacy policy to read about it in detail.

Site Access and License

Prime Home USA licenses you limited access to use this site and technology for purposes that are endorsed by the company, such as referring, ordering, and/or purchasing.
Use of the site for any other purposes that include but are not limited to downloading, altering, reproducing, copying, republishing, selling, or transmitting its content, technology, or other materials is prohibited without explicit written consent granted by Prime Home USA. You may, however, use its content in print or downloaded form for purposes approved by the site.
It is strictly emphasized that the use of the site for commercial and reselling purposes, gathering and usage of product details and descriptions, derivative uses, data gathering/mining/extraction, image stripping, or robots is prohibited.
Usage of any techniques to frame any content of the site in any manner without the written consent of Prime Home USA is a violation of licensed use. Furthermore, modifying trademarks, alteration or removal of copyrights or ownership information, and use of Prime Home USA brand name as meta tags for the benefit of any other website is restricted.
Finally, any unauthorized use of the site that’s not included in the aforementioned details can also lead to violation of copyright laws and regulations, and Prime Home USA can execute legal action against the user in question.

Membership Account

Prime Home USA allows users of the site to create and maintain an account for their orders and purchases. This can be done for your personal use or on behalf of the company you are representing by providing relevant details. By creating an account, you agree to provide factual, accurate, and complete information and maintain the confidentiality of the username and password. You should also continue to manage the account with updated information. You are also responsible for every activity that arises from your account. Should you suspect a breach of security or unauthorized access to your account by any party, you should notify us immediately.
Moreover, as a user with a membership account, you also consent to and bear the responsibility of any order placed via the website, considering it as equivalent to a signed order. All costs related to the usage of the site should be borne by the account holder.
If Prime Home USA deems the provided information is inaccurate, untrue, or outdated, it holds the full authority to terminate your account until it is resolved. Any suspicious activity arising out of the account or provision of misleading information can also lead to permanent suspension of use.

Age & Usage

People under 18 (minors) are not allowed to create and manage accounts on the Prime Home USA website. Therefore, you also warrant that you are the owner of the content posted, and you are above 18 years old. If below 18 years old, you affirm that you are at least 13 years old and have posted content under the supervision of an adult, parent, or guardian.

Ownership Technology

Prime Home USA provides a variety of means to assist customers with selecting and purchasing products displayed on the site. This especially includes Prime Home USA’s proprietary 3D Visualizer (software that helps you visualize products in a real-world setting to determine their suitability and characteristic appeal). The software, together with other technologies owned, is the sole property of Prime Home USA, and you acknowledge and agree that all rights, interests, and titles to such technologies will be under Prime Home USA. Other technologies licensed to us shall be the property of third-party licensors, service providers, and sellers. All such technologies owned or licensed to Prime Home USA are protected by local and international copyright laws.

User-Generated Content

Users of the site can post content submissions in the form of comments, reviews, questions, suggestions, feedback, and other content directly to the website or via channels facilitated by Prime Home USA. Furthermore, users can also utilize the technology and site to generate designs, plans, images, layouts, and other content in line with the Terms of Use without violating copyright laws.
Any content found to be derogatory, harmful, illegal, obscene, untruthful, misleading, defamatory, false, or injurious to third parties in any manner will be suspended, along with the user’s account. It is the user’s responsibility to post content that doesn’t infringe intellectual property rights, threaten/violate the rights and privacy of third parties. Content deemed as harassing, degrading, victimizing, or threatening individuals based on religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, or disability is prohibited.
The content cannot, by any means, be political campaigns, mass mailings, chain letters, commercial promotions, or any other spam. Prime Home USA retains the sole authority to edit or delete such content, although it’s noteworthy that they are not reviewed regularly. It is also prohibited to impersonate someone else’s identity to post content or use fake e-mail addresses for submission purposes.
By submitting content that is in line with the above terms of use, you grant Prime Home USA with the irrevocable right of using, copying, distributing, modifying, publishing, archiving, translating, storing, and reproducing content or part of the content in any manner. Derivative works in any medium or form can also be produced from such content. Materials, concepts, ideas, technology, information, and techniques from user-generated content can be used for purposes including but not limited to the development, construction, improvement, and marketing purposes of Prime Home USA without being liable to make any compensation to the user/owner of the content for any purposes mentioned above.

Therefore, Prime Home USA holds royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide rights to utilize user-generated content and share such content across social media platforms, WorldWideWeb, advertisements, and other media. Any user identifiable information shall be removed or kept as Prime Home USA deems best, and you consent to waive off any moral rights you hold regarding the content. You agree that you are responsible for and the owner of the content posted on the site, and the information provided is accurate and follows the terms of use mentioned above. You also consent to release members of Prime Home USA and its affiliates from any damage or issue that can arise from the published content. You also indemnify Prime Home USA of all claims that can arise out of your content.
Prime Home USA advises users to refrain from using full names and any identifiable personal information on content that’s submitted on the site or via any affiliate channels. By sharing confidential information publicly on the site at your own risk, you are being responsible for any cost or damage that can arise out of it. Anything except payment details can be viewed by Prime Home USA staff members or agents with authorization. User is responsible for the data shared via their accounts, and we hold no obligation to treat any information as confidential except for those protected by our privacy policy.


You agree that the Terms of Use by Prime Home USA, along with all its content, including but not limited to product descriptions, pricing details, user-generated content, and all incorporated policies of the complete agreement, shall be in English.


You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Prime Home USA as well as its affiliates, agents, and subsidiaries, and all officers and employees tied to them harmless and non-liable to any damage, claim, liability, loss, and expenses, including but not limited to legal, professional, and financial fees that can arise from misuse of the site, violation of Terms of Use or third-party rights, and user-generated content.


Prime Home USA website is provided for use on an “as in” and “as available” basis. You use this site at your own risk and undertake your due diligence in using it. Prime Home USA makes no representations or warranties of any kind, implied or expressed concerning the site, and its operation, technology, materials, products, or other forms of content available or generated via the site. It disclaims all warranties to the extent it is permissible by law that is expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties implied for merchantability, fitness, quality, suitability, accuracy, reliability, or currency. The disclaimer, however, does not apply to any product with a manufacturer-specific warranty.
Furthermore, no warranties will be made against inaccuracies and mistakes of data, information on content, and materials of the site. Breach of account information/financial information/secure servers, unauthorized access to user accounts, viruses, bugs, violation of Terms of Use by third parties, interruptions of the site, and any damage that can arise out of site’s content, materials, and technology are not warranted by Prime Home USA.
All content of the site that is available or generated via the website neither guarantees to serve a purpose that’s financial, legal, business, or professional advice nor assures you of any return or outcome for you and/or your company. It is advised to consider your objectives and consult professional advisors before making any decision.

Limitation of Liability

Prime Home USA and its directors, employees, officers, agents, subsidiaries, and affiliates will not be liable to any damage arising out of the use of the site, technology, content, products, and other materials. We are also not liable for damages from modification or discontinuation of the site, or access of the site by you or any third party. The limitation of liability mentioned here covers every form of damage that includes but not limited to, special, incidental, direct, indirect, disciplinary, consequential, or compensatory damages that can arise from the loss of warranty, use, data, goodwill, profits, or any other anticipated or non-anticipated means.
The site of Prime Home USA may contain links to third-party websites neither owned nor controlled by the site and therefore, we are not liable for any content, products, terms of use, privacy policy, or other materials displayed or generated via those sites. It is solely based on your convenience that such links are made available, and Prime Home USA in no manner is responsible for the endorsement, investigation, or verification of contents in them. We are not liable for any damage or issue arising from those sites, and therefore, recommend you to exercise necessary caution by reading privacy policies, terms of sale and use, and other content comprehensively before use.


Each term of use mentioned here is considered sever-able. In any instance, a clause mentioned here is deemed void, invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the rest of the terms in the complete agreement will still be valid, operative, and binding to parties concerned.


The Terms of Use and its incorporated policies mentioned in the agreement, and the relationship between Prime Home USA and its customers are construed and governed under California law. Conflicts and issues related to the use of the site and its Terms of Use shall be resolved by an arbitrator according to the relevant Arbitration Act, subject to the exclusive jurisdiction law of the state of California as applicable.
The arbitration will take place in California in English, and the decision provided by the arbitrator will be concluded as final. The bearer of the cost of arbitration will be decided by the arbitrator. You agree that arbitration will take place individually and not based on joint action. You also consent to waive off any objection with regards to venue or jurisdiction for any reason as well as any right for arbitrary hearing in your area of residence to resolve issues arising from the complete agreement.

The Complete Agreement

The complete agreement between Prime Home USA and the user/customer constitutes its Terms of Use along with other incorporated policies mentioned here. Your usage of the site and its services binds you to the above-mentioned terms and conditions unconditionally. Any other form of agreement in written, electronic, or oral form does not supersede this agreement and cannot be considered valid. Prime Home USA also holds the exclusive right to amend and adjust the complete agreement without prior notice. Therefore, please review the entire agreement comprehensively on the date of use before granting your consent. For any queries or clarifications, please contact our Customer Support Team.